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Python (Python3) pip3 package pydebrid

A cross-platform Alldebrid CLI with downloader and subtitles finder Python (Python3)

A simple & cross-platform command-line interface for unrestraining links thanks to Alldebrid.


* Links unleashing
* Bulk unleashing (from txt file)
* Embed downloader
* Multi-languages subtitles getter
* Clipboard or STDOUT output
* Account information and expiration alert
* Secure config storage
* SSL Support
* Captcha alert
* Intuitive and colorful use
* Cross-platform (Tested on Linux and OS X but should works on Windows too)

pydebrid is available on PyPI. In order to install it, just use the following command :

``pip install pydebrid``


:code:`pydebrid [-h] [-u File/HTTP URL] [-d] [-i] [-s Subtitles languages] [-o Destination directory] [--stdout]`

* ``-h`` : Display help
* ``-u`` : Local text/plain file (like links.txt) or remote url (like
* ``-d`` : Download the linked file(s) once debrided
* ``-i`` : Display current user informations
* ``-s`` : Get subtitles following a single or comma-separated list of IETF language code
* ``-o`` : Custom file output directory (otherwise current directory)
* ``--stdout`` : Output links to STDOUT instead of clipboard


:code:`pydebrid -u -d -s en,fr`

Download ```` in the current directory with english and french subtitles.

:code:`pydebrid -u links.txt`

Unrestrain all links in ``links.txt`` file (one link per line) and put them in the clipboard.

:code:`pydebrid -i`

Return infos from your account like Fidelity points, Remaining time, Registration date and more.


From 1.0.8 to 1.0.9:

- Bugfix (see

From 1.0.6 to 1.0.7:

- Updating root URL for Alldebrid website

From 1.0.4 to 1.0.6:

- New requests version
- New subliminal version
- Output to STDOUT (Issue #1)


- Resuming download on failure (Issue #2)


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